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Established in 1994, Whitaker Plumbing has been offering quality plumbing services throughout Houston and Pearland, TX. We have built up our respected reputation for many decades. You will realize that our clients are our top priority from your first contact with us.
At Whitaker Plumbing, we have a team of experienced residential, commercial, and emergency plumbers who are fully qualified, insured, and bonded. Our business has Texas licensed and insured plumbers. We also employ the use of modern quality equipment and tools to ensure you get the very best results like our hydro-jetting process for clogged drains, pipes, and more.

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We will handle all types of plumbing jobs, from tankless water heater installations to re-piping and sewer line repairs. With our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, your home or commercial property must be a success. Contact us today!


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Experiencing problems with your home plumbing is a hassle to handle. Having an understanding of plumbing problems and how to resolve them can save you time, effort, and money faster than you think.

1. What causes my hot water to run out quickly?

It is affected by the type and age of the water heater. There are many reasons why you don’t have sufficient hot water:

  • There are two heating elements in the electric water heater, one on top and the other one on the bottom.   These elements should not stop working. If the element in the top goes out, there will not be any hot water. If the feature at the bottom goes out, only the top portion of the water heater will heat up.
  • You should check whether a reset button has been tripped, stopping the water heater from working.   The tripped reset button is an indication that something is wrong.

If your water heater is running out of hot water quicker than expected, contact us, and one of our new tankless water heaters will get you back in hot water fast.

2. Why causes my toilet to keep running?

Your toilet will keep running because the flap of the tank in the bottom is not sealing shut. It is best if you took off the top of the tank then flush your toilet as you watch the rubber flap. If it is not closing completely, even if the water is getting in the tank, some may be flowing out via the unsealed flap. Thus, the water will continue to run due to the float ball trigger, which is not activated to stop the flow because water cannot reach the fill line.

It is best if you jiggle the handle to stop the water from running. There is a chain attaching the handle with the rubber flap, and shaking the handle repositions the flap to make the seal more securely.

3. What causes my drain to get clogged?

Drains usually are clogged when you do not care about what you put in them, especially in your kitchen. The drains in the bathroom may get blocked due to oil residue from hair, soaps, and shampoos. It would help if you were to take care of what you put in your drains. It is best if you regularly treated them with a drain cleaner such as Bio-Clean.

4. What is the likely cause of an increase in my water bill?

Although your first assumption would be a leaky faucet or pipe, the primary cause of an increase in your water bills is due to a leaking toilet tank. It takes place when the parts become worn out or are misaligned. You could also consider installing a more efficient tankless water heater in order to reduce your overall usage.

5. If I have water leakage in my home, what can I do?

You should turn off the water supply at the main shut-off valve First. It is vital as a homeowner to know the location of the main shut off valve. You should educate your family, as well. Second, you need to contact your professional plumber whenever there are emergencies. Never touch wet electrical fittings. You can call in your electrician to handle that.

6. How safe is it to use chemical drain cleaners?

It is not safe at all to keep Drain cleaners around your home, particularly if you have pets and children. They are usually very toxic. The toxic chemicals will also harm your pipes. They will cause deterioration from the inside out. When this happens, you should replace the drains lines. You will find many products that contain friendly bacteria and enzymes on the market. If you have a severe clog, contact us at Whitaker Plumbing.

7. What should I consider when choosing a plumber?

If there is no emergency in your plumbing issue, it is essential to do your research before you choose a plumber. Check to ensure your plumber is licensed in your local area. To learn more about whether the plumber has a good record for handling disputes and the complaints filed against your plumber, you should consult with the Better Business Bureau. It is important to ask your plumber for any references.

8. What causes my water heater to produce a rumbling noise?

There are two common causes for such noises are sediment and steam in your tank. You can rectify steam issues by just lowering the setting of the thermostat. If you notice a faulty thermostat, lower the setting thermostat. If your heat source does not go off, you should replace the thermostat. To will get rid of the issue causing the sediment in your water heater, you need to open the bottom drain valve to drain off the water. Draining the sediment will help in eliminating noise issues, thus allowing your heater to operate efficiently. In the worst-case scenario, we can set you up with a new tankless water heater.

9. Why does my garbage disposal get clogged?

You should be cautious about how you dispose of your waste and trash. Many foods stuff we eat can clog up your garbage disposal. It is essential to take care of what you put in the garbage disposal. Some types of hard fruits and veggies such as watermelon and corn alongside grease and cooking oils can be very harmful. You should run cold water through the disposal before and after using it. Thus helps clear out any remaining food.

10. How do I avoid frozen pipes?

When pipes are exposed outside or in an unheated area, you should wrap the pipes with insulating material or foam and then bind it using electrical tape. If your pipes are within a wall with no access, you will poke through the wall tiny holes and then cover the pipes with insulating foam. If your pipes are inaccessible, you should leave a trickle of water running to slightly warm the pipe and slow down the freezing process.

If you are seriously looking for a plumber in the Houston, or Pearland, TX area, call us to get the professional plumbing service or tankless water heater installation you need. We have a team of 24-hour emergency plumbers that service 7 days a week, and there are no special charges for after-hours calls. Contact us today to see what Whitaker Plumbing can do for you!


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    They came out and fixed my problem fast. Great customer service. Will recommend

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